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American Immigrant Wall of Honor
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The American Immigrant Wall of Honor®

What is the Wall of Honor?
The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is a permanent exhibit of individual or family names featured at Ellis Island in New York Harbor. It is the only place in the United States where an individual can honor his or her family heritage at a National Monument.

Where is the Wall of Honor?
The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is located at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty.  Currently inscribed with over 700,000 names, the Wall is situated just outside the Great Hall at Ellis Island and overlooks the lower Manhattan skyline.

Is my ancestor eligible for inclusion on the Wall of Honor?
The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is open to all entries. Included are names representing all ethnicities, all years of arrival, all points of entry, and all modes of travel. Names represent families and individuals, both living and deceased. Some names have been inscribed to commemorate the centennial of an ancestorís arrival. New Americans inscribe their names to celebrate their naturalization. The common element that ties these names together is the celebration of American immigration.

How can I place a name on the Wall of Honor?
You can place a name on The American Immigrant Wall of Honor using our online order form or you can contact us to request information which will be sent via U.S. mail.  For each contribution of $150, you can honor the name of a family or individual for future generations.

What else can you tell me about the Wall of Honor?
The American Immigrant Wall of Honor was designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates, the firm which designed the exhibits at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.  Virtually every nationality is represented on the Wall from every inhabited continent on the face of the earth. Those who endured forced migration from slavery are included, as are our own earliest settlers, the American Indian.

The famous take their place among the hundreds of thousands of unsung individuals who are heroes to their grateful descendants. Some famous names to look for include the following:

• Colonel John Washington, great-grandfather of George Washington
• Myles Standish, landing at Plymouth Rock on the Mayflower in 1620
• Priscilla Mullens Alden, wife of John Alden
• Paul Rivoire, Paul Revere's father
• Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, the first American saint
• The great-grandparents of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy;
     — Patrick and Bridget Murphy Kennedy;
     — James and Martha Field Hickey;
     — Thomas and Rosanna Cox Fitzgerald;
     — Michael and Mary Ann Fitzgerald Hannon
• Rudolph Valentino
• Al Jolson
• Harry Houdini
• and many more...

Wall of Honor

Benjamin L. Edwards
Timothy Chi-Hsuan Liang
Charles Buckingham Merriman
Anna Sadilek Pavelka
Antoinette Perrotto Iacocca
Zena Ostroff Samet
William Stonewall Jackson
Sadie Stern Small
Albert Einstein
Anton and Josephine Mostowski
Rudolph Valentino
Annie Connolly Keefe
Yvonne Ferrand Ariey
Theresa McCabe
George Shek Nom and Jade Chin Yip
The Samuel Schneider Family
Oscar Hammerstein
Suzanne McVetty
John and Rita Mongillo
Eugene Duflot de Mofras
Rebecca Meister Bookman
Myles Standish
The Joseph Zitko Family
Teresia Meister Geiss
Mildred Goldberg
Boris Karloff
The Mortati-Santaniello Family
Washington John Bossenbrock
Rebecca Weinberg
Fritz Lang
Joan Koster-Morales
Mary C. Small
Paul and Pauline Pataky Oravetz
Harry Houdini
Elizabeth Jackson Howe
Larry Fermi
Debra Braverman
Washington H. Navarrete Moncayo
Octavia Jackson Parker
Martin Hoffman
Erika L. Fuhrmann Bohanan
Nicholas and Julia De Simone Mortati
Elcee and Catherine Kearney Fafard
William Coddington
The Kamla Patel Family
James Parish and Jessie Strowger Wells Edward and Nancy DuPont Murphy
Hans Enevold Andersen
Paul Rivoire
Josephine Lutkewicz
Arthur Harris Fenn
Chin Yuan Chen Hwang
Johanne Nielsen Andersen
Elizabeth Wilkinson Barrett Glynn
Najeeb Elias Halaby
Jenny Blumenkranz Roth
Patrick Eugene Lynch
Marlene Dietrich
Angelmarie Piganelli Girard
The Auguste Joseph Girard Family
Lucien Aigner
Elizabeth Shanahan Washington
Elizabeth K. Jackson
The Peter Heller Family
Thomas Joseph Jenkins
John Thomas Zmijewski
Hans P. Andersen
Narendra Chandulal Shah
Mary O'Keefe Grimes
William and Stephanie Jackson
David and Jacqueline Pirone White
The Joseph J. Deegan Family
Frank Osterhaven
James P. Lowry
Emil and Karolina Voeller Roth
John J. Cullinane
Louis Pierre and Augusta G. Richard
Ole Andersen Hoegh
Caroline Spytz Coddington
Francesco and Concetta Lombardo
Isaac Asimov
Andrew Jackson Sesztina
Anna Kniazhitzkia Ostroff
Kenneth LeRoy Jackson III
Thomas MacDonald Innes
The Emelie Leppert Girard Family
Eliza Mackings Jackson
Michelle Chubenko
The Teresa DiCesare Orsatti Family
Peter van der Heijden
Nelly Andersen
Joseph Jackson
The Daniel M. Lynch Family
Hjordis Andersen Ekelund
Bryan MacDonald
Edward Cadwell
The MacDonald Family
Marceli Stanley Golymbieski
Walter Palmer
Clayton and Josephine Dolan Girard
Lily Jackson Fast
Frederick Mortati
Anthony Donatich
Maria Luisa Pietrunti
The Antonio DiToto Family
Percy Jackson Dudley
The Abraham Thalberg Family
Nancy Coleman
Juliette Nagel Coddington
Maria La Lumia Mortati
Josephine Louis Jackson
Girard Nicholas Giorgio
Armand T. Girard
Girard Patrick Seymour
John Ming-Chin Teng
Girard Marcellaio
The George Russell Jackson Family
Patrick and Mary Phelan Lynch
Isabelle Small Lontka
The Girard Family
Concetta DiToto Santoro
John and Julie Eddy Armstrong
The David Small Family
Alfred and Florence Jacobson Jackson
Samuel and Fannie O. Malkin
Peter and Heather Vale
Johnny Lee Wilkinson
Jennie Jackson Pearson
Giuseppe M. Mortati
L. Genevieve Jones Keller Jackson
Isabel Cymerman
Jacob C. Smolowitz Small
Clarence E. MacDonald
Cornelius Daniels
Karen Andersen Fuglestad
Harry and Pauline Rosen
Arlene Jennings
Niels Christian Andersen
Sarah Platsky
Hoang and Phuong Thuy Nguyen Pham
Vicki Grubman
The Conrad C. Eneboe Family
Max Menasha Ostroff
Timothy Sidorenia Sidronie
Mary Blizinski Zmijewski
The Keane-Girard Family
David and Sharon Nelson
Eleazer Merrill and Amy Akin Wells
Gussie Mandelbaum Small
Jackson Sampson Foster
Dennis and Catherine Lynch Murphy
Arnold Andersen
Nathaniel Baldwin
Mother Frances Xavier Cabrinin
Joseph Carl Girard
Maria Suzanna Ruzsa
The Caterina B. Cardinale Family
Kathleen Burke
The Mary Ann Deegan Callahan Family
Jacob Lionel Small
Katherine Anna Spielman Jackson
Jane L. Dignam
Domenic and Anna Orsatti DiToto
Joseph F. Patrick
Arthur Paul Girard
Harold Xavier Cashin
Bela Lugosi
James Garrity
Robert F. and Maureen LeBlanc
Stanley Walter Frederick Nelson
Chaim Gross
John Ming-Chin Teng
Belleville Timothy Risbrook
Mary Downing
William Bradford
Elijah Jackson
Incoronata Bologna D'Arpino
Donald Ross
Nicola Mortati and Frank Marchiano
Priscilla Mullens Alden
Louis Small
Edward and Rita Murphy Wells
August M. Andersen
Klara Andersen Nielsen
Kathleen Smith
The James Desjardins Family
Jens Thorup Andersen
Nicola and Raphaela Clericuzio
Agnes Andersen Jylland
Eileen Polakoff
Marie Kristine Andersen Madsen
Morton H. Rosenthal
Kristen and Laura Andersen Nielsen
Layton Randahl
Stefania Zmijewski Dobrynicki
Robert Trent Jones
Barbara Sontz
Raul Julia
Sturges Morehouse Judd
The Robert and Jamie Brown Family

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